Product Description


The Air Freshener Kit comes with a 5V mini fan that blows a gentle breeze through pot pourri or similar scented products. The kit also comes with a colour changing LED that adds a visual stimulus to a design. Both the Fan and LED work off a USB open-ended cable connected to a switch. The Air Freshener Kit can run off a mobile phone charger or any USB output from a computer or laptop. You can order either the larger 50mm fan or the 40mm fan for smaller material saving designs.

Download DXF files of example Air fresheners below.


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         Fan: 40mm

  • Dimensions: 40x40x10mm
  • Rated Voltage:DC:5V
  • RatedCurrent:0.14±10%Amp
  • Rated Speed: 5500±10%rpm
  • Air flow:7.9CFM
  • Noise: 26±10%dBA
  • Bearing Type: Sleeve
  • Life: 35000 hours
  • Cable Lenght: 15cm
  • Weight: 14g

              Fan: 50mm

  • Size: 50x50x10mm
  • Connector: XH2.0-2P
  • Rated current:0.14±10% Amp
  • Rated voltage: DC:5V
  • Bearing Type: Sleeve
  • Noise:26±10%dBA
  • Fan speed: 5600±10%rpm
  • Airflow:10.56CFM
  • Weight:20g
  • Cable Length: 17cm
  • Life: 35000 hours

            Colour Changing LED

  • 5V DC 5mm pre-wired LED
  • Colour: Red/Green/Blue
  • Inbuilt chip
  • Viewing Angle:25-35 degrees
  • Cable Length: 200mm
  • Low power consumption 20-30mA




x1 5V Fan

x1 Colour Changing LED

x1 USB open-ended cable

x1 15mm opening Rocker switch

x1 100mm wire

x1 Wire connector

x1 cable tie 

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