Please note the colour and look of speakers will change from order to order. However the specifications will remain the same.

Product Description


The DC 5V Micro USB Power 3W+3W Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Wireless  Digital Amplifier is a compact Bluetooth device that is small enough to fit into the smallest of projects.

The Bluetooth device has a range of up to 10 metres.

With a stereo 3W +3W output you will get a surprisingly loud 'basey' sound when used with the two 52mm 3 Watt 4 ohm speakers.

Also included is a 4 way single headed connector to wire up the speakers. The amplifier requires a micro USB cable, common with most android devices (not included). The amplifier can be powered by using any phone charger plug, any USB output that is 5v, for example laptop or PC and can also be used via a portable phone charger battery pack with an 5v output.


You can also power up the Bluetooth device by soldering underneath circuit board using the positive and negative wires from an open USB cable. Which can be purchased separately on this site.


Please note we do not sell micro USB cables.  





- Supply Voltage: USB DC 5V

- Power Interface: Micro USB  
- Output Power: 2*3W
- Output Interface: 4 Pin connector
- Audio Input: Bluetooth Audio 
- Impedance Range: 4-8 ohm

- PCB Board Size:

   Approx. 42mm x 25mm

- Range 10 Metres 




Wire up the speakers (please see back of amp to determine positive & negative outputs and L & R audio)


Make sure you enable your Bluetooth on your device.


Power up the Bluetooth amplifier using a Micro USB Cable.


Search for the 'Xpecial Audio' sign on your Bluetooth device and select the icon.


Once you hear the 'melody sound' you have been connected. 









Kit Contents:


x1 DC 5V Micro USB Power 3W+3W Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Wireless  Digital Amplifier


x2 52mm 3 Watt 4ohm speakers


x1 4 way single headed connector