Product description

This LED board is essentially a USB stick with a light instead of memory. You can put it in any USB port and the light will work. 

However it can be easily converted to be used in projects by soldering a USB cable to the outside contacts to create a small but functional light that can be use in a variety of projects. It operates via an open-end USB cable that can be powered by any USB socket including Mobile phone chargers, USB output from a PC or Laptop and even portable chargers with a USB output. 


Item type: LED Light

Color:  White board White light

Power: 0.2W

Battery capacity: 5000mah

Light time: About 100h

Working current: 40ma

Power supply: USB

Dimensions: 23mm x 11mm x 2mm


x1 Mini LED Board



Please see our USB cable section to purchase open-ended cables for power.